Monday, August 16, 2010


are elusive little buggers. One day they're standing by my bed when I get up in the morning and follow me all day, and they make me feel downright good inside. Then the next day they're nowhere to be seen, and that night, when I realize I haven't seen them all day, I feel a sick-ish pit right below my ribs. Some people call it regret I think, but I don't really have a name for that particular feeling. But that's how I feel right now.

P.S. I taught a sunday school lesson on Proverbs today. READ PROVERBS. All sorts of perks, let me tell you. 1)Flamboyant language like "sluggard." 2) A stinking neat scenario in chapter it and then read Elder Holland's talk, "Place No More for the Enemy of My Soul." It will probably blow your mind. 3) A pretty clear thesis--fear the Lord--and further insight on what that phrase even means. 4) Lots of insight on how to separate yourself from the world, which gave me a very legitimate excuse to show a particular Casablanca clip in class today. That made me happy :)

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